August 24, 2009

Fence Plan

Monday, August 24, 2009 Posted by Ryan , , , , , 2 comments

So my big plan for this weekend - besides cleaning up the house - was to get the brackets installed on the posts at the proper heights so that next weekend I could measure and cut all the 2x4s. I went to the store and picked up the brackets that I chose to use then on Sunday went outside to put them up. After measuring and running a string line I realized that the brackets all had to slide over the top of the metal pole AND the brackets were all supposed to go 4 inches below the string. I ran into a problem when I couldn't tighten the bolt in the bracket to secure it to the pole. I tried both a screw driver and pliers (just now I realized I should breakout the socket set and try that) but really that thing wouldn't budge. I could get it to un-screw, but there was no advancing the sucker. I'll go back with the wd-40 and the socket set, but it's just frustrating that something as "simple" as tightening a bolt can seem like an impossible task.


Anonymous said...

Did you design the fence or find inspiration some where else? I like it.

Ryan said...

This (final?) design was the fourth re-design after I realized that my horizontal design wouldn't work with the uneven terrain. I looked at a bunch of fence designs and tried to figure out what I liked about them, but had to work within the restraints of the wood that I already bought. In fact I think for this design I digitally created the available lumber for each fence panel and the "built" it on the screen.