June 27, 2008

Sometimes it's the shape that makes it

Friday, June 27, 2008 Posted by Ryan , , 1 comment
When we lived in California the closest drug store the the house was the Thrifty's. When I was nine-years-old the best part of going shopping was getting ice cream at Thrifty's. See, the ice cream was different there. I think I got the same flavor every time because there wasn't anywhere else you could get chocolate malt ball ice cream. And instead of round scoops on a cone, Thrifty's ice cream was cylindrical. I don't know how they did it, but saw this ice cream scooper today that might recreate that experience for me.

The Cuisipro Ice Cream Scoop & Stack gives you that cylindrical scoop shape just like a 25 cent Thrifty's cone. I remember the scoops being bigger though when I was 10. Now if I can just find some tiny malt balls to add to chocolate ice cream.

Apparently there are other people out there who loved the same ice cream. I found this recipe to make it, however still no source for the tiny malt balls.


Alison said...

Oh my goodness you just TOTALLY found my #1 birthday wish this year....Thrifty ice cream was better because of that shape....thanks for the tip.